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Failed on the one a day mission. But it’s all in the execution.

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Have realised that with our conflicting schedules (work for Dad, year one of school for lad) we’ll not be able to post an new photo each day, especially with the composition required to do our chum Domokun justice. Be we will persevere! And the whippersnapper loves to see his work published – which is the idea really.

This time, Domokun is perched in a fencepost across the road from our home. As long time city dwellers (it’s all relative -the young one spent his earliest couple of years in Tokyo), semi rural life has taken a bit of getting used to… In the background, although you can barely see them, are some sheep with day or so old lambs. Awesome for 5 year old to experience – and a bit of a trip for Tokyo born & raised Mum…



Heh. Japan…

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Fuji TV commit many crimes against those who are daft enough to watch. One show, Hexagon, is explained to a certain extent here, which makes me feel better, as I was wondering if I was being a little sniffy in finding some Japanese TV, well… crap.

This evening on

the culprit

the culprit


Hexagon, the fey looking clown in the middle of the DVD cover image was asked what the national bird of New Zealand was. He guessed the Chicken.




Ok. Mebbe. The question was then passed to the floor (ie. tarento – a scourge unto themselves), so the next offering was the




Penguin. So they seem to have called in the geographic brains trust for the final attempt and came up with the

if you cant sing, whistle

if you cant sing, whistle

Duck. Ive chosen the Black Bellied Whistling Duck for the photo because you would really, wouldnt you.

None of the Mastermind panel could get there, so they moved on to new challenges. Which leads me to wonder, given what we found in the local “Australian” Family Feedbag

where they might reckon lil’ holmes here might come from?

And… what would NZers prefer to be known as in Japan: Chickens, Penguins or Ducks?

Shame theres no bird known as a Manus. Although Dotterel is pretty kool. And Kokako is fun to say when youve been screen printing sheets of vinyl stickers in six hour stints in the middle of summer. Not that printing ink damages the brain at all. Ffffftt fffffttt drainpipe mashup.

Hey Winston!

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This passage from the Herald made me laugh:

“The reputation gained for his tenacious pursuit of fairness and accountability, highlighted by the “Wine Box” victory, continues to underscore his politics and those of New Zealand First.”


Go the Rabbitohs!