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Mmmm… Festive…

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Given that we are now about half way through January, it is about time to post our Xmas day gaddings about. As Japan doesnt shut itself down for Xmas, I forwent my usual fizzy wine breakfast and jitensha’d my way into downtown Machida for a Nihongo lesson in the morning. In fact, I didnt touch any squiffy juice until after the sun departed these shores. Fortunately, being winter, that was before 5pm.

Our first port of call was Jiyugaoka. In the name of information sharing, I can tell you that Jiyogaoka was voted Tokyo’s most desirable neighbourhood, or, if you would prefer, “the most want-to-live city in Japan”, in 2008 (now get this!) by residents! Given that it is a totemo takai area to live, even by Tokyo standards, it is probably not surprising that the residents didnt vote it “most sucky suck of all sucks” or anything along those unfavourable lines. And it is very nice. I would live there. Sadly, I may never be that full of yen.

I still hadnt had any cake for Xmas (not that awful Brit style fruit rubbish – any cake goes here – Im partial to chocolate with whiskey…) and when Xmas day finished, still hadnt. I seem to have recovered quite well, all things considered. I really wanted to alter on the sign in the shop so it read “Sweet – Christmas”, but the missus is trying to keep my acts of public vandalism to a minimum. Next time maybe.

What a bitchin’ name for a hair salon! No time for an Eyelush treatment.

As I am a quick adaptor, it only took me about two hours to not have a funny turn each time a train rushed overhead. Others did seem more at ease.

Like this guy.

Hello Kitty! Ok – sorry about that. This was so cool – this area was seriously loud, & busy, with trains roaring past about a metre away from Felix here, but he (or she) wasnt bothered – more intent on giving PhotoOpportunity Boy the evils. In hindsight Puss was quite likely profoundly deaf. Urban Grittiness!

To quote the illuminated sign: “The way that a ball this store. Love a ball is, this store. Love a ball is, ORIENTAL PASSAGE”. So now you know.

If you consider the location, the street value of this tag is probably quite high. And that is an utterly nonsensical statement made because I’d posted a few too many photos without a caption. Check out how clean the area below is. Not even a cigarette butt, which is pretty flash given the amount of fag puffery going on in this land.

Lincoln Continental perchance?

To pilot a barge this size around streets this narrow you’d probably need some sort of guide boat. Later I even saw a Hummer H1, but was too appalled to take a photo. I mean really. The ridiculus girth of the Lincoln is more acceptable due to it being the automotive eqivalent of a porno soundtrack. A Hummer H1 is more of a Kid Rock ballad about an attractive teenaged cousin. Not that Im suggesting that Kid Rock has recorded such a ballad, simply trying to paint a picture, you understand. Word.

After such unholy musings, I figured that we needed a shrine. This was directly around the corner from the Lincoln. Ahhh… contrasts…

Apparently Top Gear has a retail outlet here, selling used watches. Who knew?

I cant confirm that the lower one on the left is Richard Hammond’s tag, but lets just assume that it is.

I saw these lighters and thought to myself “Surely not…”…

Surely does! Feel the heat from my twin nostril fires! Can you do any less? I havent uttered this is a blog before, but, Radness.

This place was cool’n all, but probably needed more bikes…

Watch out Xmas tree! There’s bamboo behind you!

Eventually the sun said “Screw you hippies!” and sodded off to China. And beyond. Cor blimey – theres another train.

And another.

This one was quite high & next to a skateshop, so must be Jeremy Clarkson’s tag.

Im not sure if this is a sign, or a statue, or a sculpture or whatever else, but when we first saw it, the boob thing on top was red. We waited for several minutes for it to turn red again, but nope.

So had to settle for blue, which was a poor substitute, but places to go, wine to drink…

This here crafty shopkeep had managed to trap a Microbus. Almost better than a Jeremy Clarkson tag.

‘Lil Bow Wow here had been howling up a storm and attracting quite a crowd, but as soon as I whipped out me pointy shooter, found something of great interest in the gutter. Meh.

My favourites were the golden Xmas horse and the earthy Maid Marion-esque Santa costume.

This street was very busy with people, but somehow Ive managed to not show that at all. Guess that’s what comes from lurking in the fruit baskets.

We found Castle Greyskull, but there was no sign of He-Man. Perhaps he was away lurking in some fruit baskets…

The widest street was right outside the railway station. Helps the taxi drivers perfect their mad dorifto skills.

Stop ni was Futako Tamagawa. And isnt that the Takashimaya department store? Why yes. Yes it is.

No time for manipulating silver balls – time for my Xmas drunkening…

We did go into Chanel. I think they were jealous of my Bad Brains t shirt.

Ha ha! Seahorse knobs!

This cool roof garden was part of a restaurant aimed at people far richer than us. I took special care not to fall in the pond.

Several other people chose to take the same train as we did. I guess they were all pleased that I hadnt fallen in the pond.

We found this at the Australian themed restaurant at Gland Belly that we stopped at for a beer on the way home. We were punished for visiting an Ocker caff by having to wait 20 minutes for a seat at the bar(!), then ended up with a booth. The waitress had heard me say “Sweet as”, so asked me where I was from. Turns out she had spent six months in Carterton on a school exchange. We both agreed that the stay was about 5 and a half months too long.

Thats fine, but what if you were playing Knifey Spooney?



Show us yer twinkly bits…

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…is something Ive not yet said to anyone here in Japan. I just go right ahead and take a photo. Tends to avoid awkward translation issues. Given that this is the time of the year for twinkly bits, sadly my image collection is thus far poor. But that wont stop me foisting them upon any individual foolish enough to be browsing this page. Oh no.

Im planning an after dark sortie tomorrow around the neighbourhood & will be in downtown Tokyo on the 25th (after my Nihongo lesson – no chintzy day off here pally), so will post some more flashness (heh) later, but until then…

This place stood out like a house with Xmas lights all over it from the Ferrari shop that I ve been stalking, so I dashed on down to steal some festive souls.

In Japan we have three santa’s – much more efficient than your puny western one. Here, I have shown considerable festive dexterity by capturing all three in illuminated guise. I know. Flash as.

Local Politico in Blue Light Special! Posters of these cheesey gits are everywhere. Wonder what they do for Guy Fawkes?

It wouldnt be right to not include Gland Belly in every post on this blog. If I was more technically able I would include the sound that goes with the lighting. Hows that for a teaser. Ho ho ho!

I managed to craftily obscure the Gap logo with a tree. No free advertising for those capitalist infidels. Of course, if they were to offer me a modest sum, I could reconsider my high falutin’ moral stand and possibly publish the photograph showing the signage in it’s azure glory.

If I were halfway capable of capturing a decent image with my idiotproof camera, you would be able to see that this is a bitchin’ly cool looking pooch with a styling blue strobe attached to its neck. But, no, no and sadly not.

It seems that Im not the only one who knows that there is a mall here. So who told? Was it you Winston? Was it due to the Ha Ha! thing?

Its not that I am incapable of taking a clear photograph of people moving at night – they were moving really fast. To Gap. To take advantage of their fabulous Xmas savings. Of course.

It’s a craftily efficient gardner who illuminates the weeds for Crimble… Might even be able to put off the weeding until Sangatsu.

To make you feel that you are at Gland Belly with the rest of us, first, to the right…

…then to the left. Woohoo!

The glowing blue deer of Minami Machida. Not many blogs you’ll see those on. For some reason.

Putting both my skulking and lurking skills into play, I managed to sneak up on some of the glowing blue deer of Minami Machida. Just for you. Ho ho ho! Meeery Xmas!

Not sure why they placed the two round things at the base of the long thing. Maybe the Gland Belly Xmas Taskforce After Dark Bright And Flashy Amusements Designer was playing funny buggers.

We managed to get away from Gland Belly in order to do some nocturnal lurkmongering around our Turuma neighbourhood, thus ensuring that foreigners will be viewed with suspicion by locals for many moons yet.

This poor Pegasus was slowly flapping its wings, possibly in an attempt to escape, but the suburban festive overlords had tethered it to the ground. I would have tried to assist it, but who knew which of the overlords were watching. Not I.

Fly blurry horsey! Like the wind! To be free! Or alternatively, stick around for the first three days of the New Year when tradition dictates that you must drink sake for breakfast! Tough jobs’n all…

Most streets in Japan dont have names – the Americans insisted that they did during the occupation, but after they sodded off, the Japanese gleefully un-named the byways again. The thought of which entertains me enough to outweigh the inconvenience of not being able to find my way anywhere. So directions to somewhere generally rely on landmarks and suchlike. You can imagine my disappointment after seeing this decoration, that nobody has asked me to direct them about the area (suprisingly, not once since I arrived, actually. I had thought that I had begun to disguise my directional fecknessless, but no.), so I could guide them past the bare limbed tree with the glowing golden knobs. Actually, if at some stage somebody does ask me for directions, I might try to assist them in haiku form. That’ll guarantee repeat custom!

I suspect that these are Glowing Pegasus droppings, but I couldnt find an expert in such matters to confirm this and flappy old Dobbin wasnt too communicative.

Dodgy old Tri-Santa – performing the time tested wall-shimmy break in again. I would have called the rozzers, but Im keeping a low profile after my last Glowing Pegasus liberation attempt.

Here he is trying to get into the old duffers home across the way from our place. Im wondering if I turn up with my oatmeal chopsticks one morning, whether they would feed me a hot breakfast.

Saving what is quite obviously the best for last, here is our contribution to the festively efficient wonder of our neighbourhood. As you can probably see, we had to keep all of the other lights off in order to power our display, but I think it was worth it.

It’s too cold to wear sandals…

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…but I can still take hippy photos.

Sunday was sunny as all heck, but samui to the same degree, so we stepped out for a sampo with the trusty soul stealer. I have it on good authority that this garden wouldnt cut it in Kyoto, but we werent in Kyoto. Or at Fuji Speedway for the Nismo Festival. Or at Odaiba for the MSC Exhibition. So I’ll start with a couple of cars that made me blabber on like a gaijin car otaku…

I was all upset because Id missed getting a shot of a very nice Hakosuka Skyline as I had handed the camera to the missus for a moment, but 30 seconds later this F40 blasted by on Route 16. This location is smack bang (wallop?) between two closely situated Ferrari shops. So there you go.

Fortunately my dream car-isms are at a slightly more realistic fiscal level, although still wholly impractical for my current situation. This Nissan Gloria is kind of a chrome laden regression from my much missed A31 Cefiro. I.e. perfect.  And the colour is flash as. Dull mud perhaps? Anyway, moving right along…

As you may know, it doesnt take much to reduce me to slack jawed yokelism, and this has been happening more frequently since Ive been in Japan. But really. These trees are insanity plus. I saw them for the first time on Saturday, when it was as overcast as the Nissan Gloria’s paintjob, so when it dawned bright & cold on Sunday it was photo opportunity!!!! time. Without doubt. In case you had any.

Heh heh. Purdy.

Thats rustic, that is.

In a few weeks, all of these leaves will be gone! Then it will be winter! Of Doom!



I know. You wanted to see the shed again. Here you go. Caring and sharing. Thats the way.

Ok ok ok ok. Ok. One more of the shed. But please stop asking.

I thought that keeping the wall in the bottom (ha ha I said!) of the shot would make it look better. Seems I was wrong…

A cheesy through the hole (ha ha! I said) in the wall shot to finish.

Cheers Japanese Nature!

There are even more (Noooooooo!!!) photos in this flickr set:

Some look pretty flash in larger sizes.