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Hot & Wet. Not in a good way.

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Meh. Rainy season sercks.

Back in Ichigatsu, we knew that we still had a couple of wintery months to deal with & I was feeling just a little jaded by the samuiness. Winter, incidently, having begun a little early on Jyugatsu Kokonoka at Fuji Speedway. The day previous had been quite warm, so manus here didnt take a jacket. Yep.

These people all had jackets.

Aaanyhizzle, silly old nature (the crazy joker) decided to throw a late January curve ball (baseball season still several months away, so quite a masterstroke. Ha ha. I said…) our way with one 26C Saturday. Followed by a sub artic Sunday. But I’d like to go on, and on, about the Saturday. I was so discombobulated by this state of affairs that I even went to the park. Twice. With the missus. Both times.

As you might expect, if youve suffered through my previous rantings, it took me next to no time to go quite troppo. Thus I did some unseasonable lurking in the undergrowth. Being technically mid winter, the undergrowth was somewhat sparse. The overgrowth was just sticks. Pretty poor effort really.

My little bird buddy here couldnt believe his crazy warm weather luck.

It was all going swimmingly until the pidgeons turned up.

Followed by the Americans.

This sign was only here during winter.

Presumably these noisy little creatures get all sweaty under the helmet (Ha ha! etc.) in warmer weather, thus staying away from the park, rendering a nattily crafted warning from the municipal authorities somewhat redundant.

Of course, if one was to take one’s  inu for a pleasant sampo in the koen on an unseasonably warm Doiyobi, then one would need not be concerned about rowdy midgets with potential under helmet sweat.

Although old Hat’n Jacket’n Sausage Inu here seemed to be running from something…

…Gajin Four Eyes trying to steal his soul perhaps?

Or maybe those racket making Americans with their warlike aeroplanes of wardom.

Not just I had gone troppo. Here, a local tree attempts to fly a kite.

Ultimately unsuccessful, but kudos for giving it a bash.



Info-tainment demystified.

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Japan is a country where a wide variety of information is available to you via a wide variety of media. Some of the written info is presented in English, but the majority can be a little mysterious to those still developing Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji reading skills. Including the humble sign. In my gettings about I have attempted to capture these signs in as natural a state as possible and as I am now somewhat of a local, I can decode the messages, to empower you with essential knowledge should you ever choose to call upon these isles of abstrusity…

Obviously, with so many people on a smallish land mass, littering could be a problem, so many of these signs look to set young’ns on the way to being tidily efficient citizens. In this nation of dog lovers, pooch welfare is also a priority. This sign encourages the kids to not lob spent soda cans over the shoulder, lest Fido receive a nasty donk to the head…

…in which case he will turn around and biff his smokes at you.

Here we are shown just how much joy a football can bring to a young feller.

Or even a baseball, if you swing that way.

But things can quickly turn nasty should chafing occur.

The enjoyment to be had from walking your Hoverdog should not be overlooked.

The sign is mounted (ha ha – I said…) quite high, as tall people tend to own Hoverdogs.

If you cant afford a Hoverdog, perhaps you could consider a cute little tyke who is deliriously happy about shovelling his own poo.

Or a more contrite wee beasty who will gather up his leavings with a pair of chopsticks. Even if you make him look the fool by dressing him in shorts.

This eager little sock chewer will remain cheery even if you simply cannot comprehend what message he is trying to send you.

Careful though! If you are not vigilant (and efficient) little Barkwoofbuttsniff here might just make off with your homework.

Should you enter an area inundated with extremely loud beaked aerobicising birds, you should receive ample warning.

Just look how frustrated the sight of your happily jogging child can make the nine to fiving commuter.

Litter is a constant problem. If not kept under control, the cans and bottles will begin to organise extremely light hearted protest marches.

Dont worry about the empties lads! The ducks’ll take care of them!

If you &%$# townies chuck yer ?*”! litter on me <?+*&% allotment, I’ll run you down with me *+%&$# tractor!

Sadly, this area is now off limits, as it is under the control of the cack-eyed Frog Children.

Beware!! The cack-eyed Frog Children have taken to wearing duck disguises. Do not feed them any bread.

This may not be Kings Cross, but there is still the danger of receiving a Townsending from one of those maniac cyclists…