It’s only been almost 6 years…

…so time to add a new post. Have decided to try one of those “post a photo that you’ve taken every day for a year” type things – most seem to insist on going on about something that they’re thankful for – but that all seems a to be a bit much work. So I’ll get it out of the way early – I’m thankful for a: being a dad to the worlds greatest whippersnapper (it’s my world that I’m referring to – I’d expect every other parent to feel the same about their own whippersnapper(s)), b: thankful that I’m in a place where I can blog pretty much what I want to without too much oppression – although well aware that Big Brother is always watching – & c: thankful for many, many other things.

So, to start it off – because I’m a bit crap – here’s a photo that I didn’t take today – took it yesterday with the help of my whippersnapper. All photos will feature Domokun – because he’s rad.



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