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Failed on the one a day mission. But it’s all in the execution.

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Have realised that with our conflicting schedules (work for Dad, year one of school for lad) we’ll not be able to post an new photo each day, especially with the composition required to do our chum Domokun justice. Be we will persevere! And the whippersnapper loves to see his work published – which is the idea really.

This time, Domokun is perched in a fencepost across the road from our home. As long time city dwellers (it’s all relative -the young one spent his earliest couple of years in Tokyo), semi rural life has taken a bit of getting used to… In the background, although you can barely see them, are some sheep with day or so old lambs. Awesome for 5 year old to experience – and a bit of a trip for Tokyo born & raised Mum…



It’s actually been almost only a day!

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When the whippersnapper and I took the photo of Domokun on the stones, he also wanted me to take a photo of his hand, which we did. When he saw the blog pot, he reckoned that a photo of his hand would look good on the blog, so after school today we took a photo of his hand holding Domokun. In the background is the only tree on our rental property. It’s dying – which I’m not really thankful for – as we like trees. We’re on the lookout for our own place – which will need to have lots of trees.

Mmmm… trees…


It’s only been almost 6 years…

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…so time to add a new post. Have decided to try one of those “post a photo that you’ve taken every day for a year” type things – most seem to insist on going on about something that they’re thankful for – but that all seems a to be a bit much work. So I’ll get it out of the way early – I’m thankful for a: being a dad to the worlds greatest whippersnapper (it’s my world that I’m referring to – I’d expect every other parent to feel the same about their own whippersnapper(s)), b: thankful that I’m in a place where I can blog pretty much what I want to without too much oppression – although well aware that Big Brother is always watching – & c: thankful for many, many other things.

So, to start it off – because I’m a bit crap – here’s a photo that I didn’t take today – took it yesterday with the help of my whippersnapper. All photos will feature Domokun – because he’s rad.