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Beaver Shot.

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I mean, if you had a flash beaver like this, you’d want to show it off to the neighbourhood wouldnt you?




Anata no Eigo sensei wa Marvellous desu ka?

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Who wouldve thought that a Japanese English language school would have miniature versions of John Campbell teaching madly away in the depths of suburban Tokyo?

Now hows that? A little spooky, but kind of marvellous at the same time.

Ah Japan. Even in a porcine tainted world financialmageddon, they still¬†kick out the jams with a stylin’ PocketCampbell.

Be prepared desu.

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Yesterday, Japan’s first swine flu case (in Osaka) was announced on the morning news.

So my mother in law wasted no time in gettin’ to the mask store…

I dunno. I think we need more…

& where is the black one with the skulls? For me? Oh right. I get it. Kuso baba!

For your own peace of mind…

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