Show us yer twinkly bits…

…is something Ive not yet said to anyone here in Japan. I just go right ahead and take a photo. Tends to avoid awkward translation issues. Given that this is the time of the year for twinkly bits, sadly my image collection is thus far poor. But that wont stop me foisting them upon any individual foolish enough to be browsing this page. Oh no.

Im planning an after dark sortie tomorrow around the neighbourhood & will be in downtown Tokyo on the 25th (after my Nihongo lesson – no chintzy day off here pally), so will post some more flashness (heh) later, but until then…

This place stood out like a house with Xmas lights all over it from the Ferrari shop that I ve been stalking, so I dashed on down to steal some festive souls.

In Japan we have three santa’s – much more efficient than your puny western one. Here, I have shown considerable festive dexterity by capturing all three in illuminated guise. I know. Flash as.

Local Politico in Blue Light Special! Posters of these cheesey gits are everywhere. Wonder what they do for Guy Fawkes?

It wouldnt be right to not include Gland Belly in every post on this blog. If I was more technically able I would include the sound that goes with the lighting. Hows that for a teaser. Ho ho ho!

I managed to craftily obscure the Gap logo with a tree. No free advertising for those capitalist infidels. Of course, if they were to offer me a modest sum, I could reconsider my high falutin’ moral stand and possibly publish the photograph showing the signage in it’s azure glory.

If I were halfway capable of capturing a decent image with my idiotproof camera, you would be able to see that this is a bitchin’ly cool looking pooch with a styling blue strobe attached to its neck. But, no, no and sadly not.

It seems that Im not the only one who knows that there is a mall here. So who told? Was it you Winston? Was it due to the Ha Ha! thing?

Its not that I am incapable of taking a clear photograph of people moving at night – they were moving really fast. To Gap. To take advantage of their fabulous Xmas savings. Of course.

It’s a craftily efficient gardner who illuminates the weeds for Crimble… Might even be able to put off the weeding until Sangatsu.

To make you feel that you are at Gland Belly with the rest of us, first, to the right…

…then to the left. Woohoo!

The glowing blue deer of Minami Machida. Not many blogs you’ll see those on. For some reason.

Putting both my skulking and lurking skills into play, I managed to sneak up on some of the glowing blue deer of Minami Machida. Just for you. Ho ho ho! Meeery Xmas!

Not sure why they placed the two round things at the base of the long thing. Maybe the Gland Belly Xmas Taskforce After Dark Bright And Flashy Amusements Designer was playing funny buggers.

We managed to get away from Gland Belly in order to do some nocturnal lurkmongering around our Turuma neighbourhood, thus ensuring that foreigners will be viewed with suspicion by locals for many moons yet.

This poor Pegasus was slowly flapping its wings, possibly in an attempt to escape, but the suburban festive overlords had tethered it to the ground. I would have tried to assist it, but who knew which of the overlords were watching. Not I.

Fly blurry horsey! Like the wind! To be free! Or alternatively, stick around for the first three days of the New Year when tradition dictates that you must drink sake for breakfast! Tough jobs’n all…

Most streets in Japan dont have names – the Americans insisted that they did during the occupation, but after they sodded off, the Japanese gleefully un-named the byways again. The thought of which entertains me enough to outweigh the inconvenience of not being able to find my way anywhere. So directions to somewhere generally rely on landmarks and suchlike. You can imagine my disappointment after seeing this decoration, that nobody has asked me to direct them about the area (suprisingly, not once since I arrived, actually. I had thought that I had begun to disguise my directional fecknessless, but no.), so I could guide them past the bare limbed tree with the glowing golden knobs. Actually, if at some stage somebody does ask me for directions, I might try to assist them in haiku form. That’ll guarantee repeat custom!

I suspect that these are Glowing Pegasus droppings, but I couldnt find an expert in such matters to confirm this and flappy old Dobbin wasnt too communicative.

Dodgy old Tri-Santa – performing the time tested wall-shimmy break in again. I would have called the rozzers, but Im keeping a low profile after my last Glowing Pegasus liberation attempt.

Here he is trying to get into the old duffers home across the way from our place. Im wondering if I turn up with my oatmeal chopsticks one morning, whether they would feed me a hot breakfast.

Saving what is quite obviously the best for last, here is our contribution to the festively efficient wonder of our neighbourhood. As you can probably see, we had to keep all of the other lights off in order to power our display, but I think it was worth it.


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