It’s too cold to wear sandals…

…but I can still take hippy photos.

Sunday was sunny as all heck, but samui to the same degree, so we stepped out for a sampo with the trusty soul stealer. I have it on good authority that this garden wouldnt cut it in Kyoto, but we werent in Kyoto. Or at Fuji Speedway for the Nismo Festival. Or at Odaiba for the MSC Exhibition. So I’ll start with a couple of cars that made me blabber on like a gaijin car otaku…

I was all upset because Id missed getting a shot of a very nice Hakosuka Skyline as I had handed the camera to the missus for a moment, but 30 seconds later this F40 blasted by on Route 16. This location is smack bang (wallop?) between two closely situated Ferrari shops. So there you go.

Fortunately my dream car-isms are at a slightly more realistic fiscal level, although still wholly impractical for my current situation. This Nissan Gloria is kind of a chrome laden regression from my much missed A31 Cefiro. I.e. perfect.  And the colour is flash as. Dull mud perhaps? Anyway, moving right along…

As you may know, it doesnt take much to reduce me to slack jawed yokelism, and this has been happening more frequently since Ive been in Japan. But really. These trees are insanity plus. I saw them for the first time on Saturday, when it was as overcast as the Nissan Gloria’s paintjob, so when it dawned bright & cold on Sunday it was photo opportunity!!!! time. Without doubt. In case you had any.

Heh heh. Purdy.

Thats rustic, that is.

In a few weeks, all of these leaves will be gone! Then it will be winter! Of Doom!



I know. You wanted to see the shed again. Here you go. Caring and sharing. Thats the way.

Ok ok ok ok. Ok. One more of the shed. But please stop asking.

I thought that keeping the wall in the bottom (ha ha I said!) of the shot would make it look better. Seems I was wrong…

A cheesy through the hole (ha ha! I said) in the wall shot to finish.

Cheers Japanese Nature!

There are even more (Noooooooo!!!) photos in this flickr set:

Some look pretty flash in larger sizes.



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