Wots that Fuji San looking thing then?

Why it’s Fuji San, you silly thing! Only spottable from here when it has snow, on a clear day, in the morning, from a high vantage point. Today those boxes were ticked and Golly Gee there it is. I did need to wait for 30 minutes until the cloud vamoosed. But I did. Because I like you.

This is what happens when I tilt the camera. Or was I tilting the camera before and this is untilted?

Rabbitohs! These were taken from up dem stairs at GlandBelly. Near the giant Xmas tree with the spooky Santa buttons. No less.

With birds even! Flash.

Spent a while skulking about GlandBelly and it’s environs this morning, I did.

On the way home, but havent put the camera away yet. Oh no.

So, you leave GlandBelly via BellySt West, take a right down to the Route 16 bridge, look to the West – not to the East, because then you’ll be facing Yokohama and you dont want that – position yourself between the Coco’s Family Restaurants and Golf5 signs and there, off in the distance, is Fuji San! Provided that it has snow, between November and February, in the morning, on a clear day. No worries. Here to help.


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