I think I may have discovered something about the Internet…

Earlier this week I uploaded some photos to my flickr site. Ive not been one for taking photographs of food much before, because, well, I have better things to do, but there are some pretty funny looking foodstuffs served here, so I figured that I might make a few exceptions. Crikey! 5 comma’s in one sentence. My first gastro-capture was a Beanfish (or Taeyaki if you want to go all Nihongo), which are served all over the place ’round these parts (ha ha – I said). Available with a sweet red bean (oishii desu) or custard (pleh) filling and served warm, these are worth a return ticket for. Pretty much.

I felt that a nicely focussed shot of the sweet sweet beans would be too prissy. Went for Edgy instead. Im thinking of preparing a manifesto. Then any accusations of my photography skills being substandard would be simply churlish.

I suggest mastication accompanied by a delicious coffee.

Yep, so I uploaded me Beanfish and within twelve hours the first image had been veiwed 250 times and each of the others 200 or so.

I wonder. Do you think that there might be web geeks out there sitting at a computer obsessing about food?


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