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I remember summer…

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So do they. Im sure. Ok, maybe not Bigears in the basket. But he probably remembers dinner.

Minus 9 in Hokkaido tonight. Glad I dont live there.


Wanna see my JR Yokohama Sen?

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Ok, it’s not actually mine as such. But after paying ni-hyaku ku-jiu en I was allowed to travel along it. And I’d like to invite you to see some of what I saw. Unless you are one of those infidels who are enjoying an incoming summer whilst I shiver and whine. You people can bloody well just go and play outside.

Just jokes. You can stay.

This is Nagatsuda Eki. Eki means station. Did you know that? Now you do. The woman in the shot is the only one not quick enough to run away from my marauding camera. Mwaaahahahahaha!

It seems that the driver of this densha (densha means… ok I’ll stop) didnt realise where we were and drove right on by on the wrong track. Dont worry. A less directionally challenged fellow turned up with his train slightly later. And it was just as good as this one.

Whilst the national sport here is still cigarette smoking (although I dont think they teach smoking in schools any more), texting whilst walking/driving/cycling/eating is sneaking up behind (ha ha – I said) and may take over the numero uno spot if for some reason smoking becomes unfashionable. Although from what Ive seen, as long as breathing is legal, durries will remain Ichiban.

And in at number three – taking a nap on the train! Seems all age groups are keen on this one, not something I think I could manage. Id end up crashing to the floor, which would be less than efficient.

Proof! The Tilty Headed Aliens are among us!

I had searched for so long to find a train that would greatly appreciate my kindness. Now I can concentrate on the quest for the Jade Monkey.

I think the woman on the escalator has spotted a Tilty Headed Alien.

I had intended to take a photo of Nissan Stadium, where Yokohama F Marinos (two places ahead of the Mighty S-Pulse in lower mid section of the J-League table) play, but was too slow, so here is a completely different scene, including a silver chimney and some flash pylons. No need to thank me, Im just happy that the train appreciated my kindness.

I wanted to make amends for my Nissan Stadium failure by recording some cool looking houses we densha’d past, but that other flippin’ train got in the way. Maybe at the bidding of the Tilty Headed Aliens.

Using a mobile! What are the odds? Pretty high Id say. As we all know, all telephone companies are evil, perhaps controlled by Tilty Headed Aliens.



I think I may have discovered something about the Internet…

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Earlier this week I uploaded some photos to my flickr site. Ive not been one for taking photographs of food much before, because, well, I have better things to do, but there are some pretty funny looking foodstuffs served here, so I figured that I might make a few exceptions. Crikey! 5 comma’s in one sentence. My first gastro-capture was a Beanfish (or Taeyaki if you want to go all Nihongo), which are served all over the place ’round these parts (ha ha – I said). Available with a sweet red bean (oishii desu) or custard (pleh) filling and served warm, these are worth a return ticket for. Pretty much.

I felt that a nicely focussed shot of the sweet sweet beans would be too prissy. Went for Edgy instead. Im thinking of preparing a manifesto. Then any accusations of my photography skills being substandard would be simply churlish.

I suggest mastication accompanied by a delicious coffee.

Yep, so I uploaded me Beanfish and within twelve hours the first image had been veiwed 250 times and each of the others 200 or so.

I wonder. Do you think that there might be web geeks out there sitting at a computer obsessing about food?

Wots that Fuji San looking thing then?

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Why it’s Fuji San, you silly thing! Only spottable from here when it has snow, on a clear day, in the morning, from a high vantage point. Today those boxes were ticked and Golly Gee there it is. I did need to wait for 30 minutes until the cloud vamoosed. But I did. Because I like you.

This is what happens when I tilt the camera. Or was I tilting the camera before and this is untilted?

Rabbitohs! These were taken from up dem stairs at GlandBelly. Near the giant Xmas tree with the spooky Santa buttons. No less.

With birds even! Flash.

Spent a while skulking about GlandBelly and it’s environs this morning, I did.

On the way home, but havent put the camera away yet. Oh no.

So, you leave GlandBelly via BellySt West, take a right down to the Route 16 bridge, look to the West – not to the East, because then you’ll be facing Yokohama and you dont want that – position yourself between the Coco’s Family Restaurants and Golf5 signs and there, off in the distance, is Fuji San! Provided that it has snow, between November and February, in the morning, on a clear day. No worries. Here to help.

Hey Winston!

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This passage from the Herald made me laugh:

“The reputation gained for his tenacious pursuit of fairness and accountability, highlighted by the “Wine Box” victory, continues to underscore his politics and those of New Zealand First.”


Go the Rabbitohs!

Go on.

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It’s a nice autumn day here. Might even be spring where you are. Joy!

P.S. grrrrrrrr.

Kudos Americans.

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Nice one.