Spooky desu.

It’s almost October 31. All Hallows Eve as you are probably aware. And being an American commercial trinketfest, it is all the rage here as well. But dont be too scared. These are only photos.

Our local outlet mall was on the case in mid September. Given that the English language L and R are for the most part interchangeable in Japanese and when pronounced can sound like either or a combination of the two, depending on who is speaking, “Grand Berry” is an interesting choice of name for a commercial enterprise in this part of the world. That said, I choose not to question these things, as that would possibly mean speaking to somebody “in marketing”, which would make for a truely frightening Halloween. Besides, I like to tell the in laws when I am off to Gland Belly. To keep them in the loop.

I like to think of this as a command, rather than a suggestion.

Heres a pumpkin on a pole. Kind of like a giant Pumpkinsicle, except that it is constructed of metal and fiberglass. And glass, if you include the lamp. And not frozen… Oh look! A banner with a picture of a glandbelly!

At first these dont seem very scary at all…

…but then, when every time you look to the side, there is another of the creepy little buggers gurning madly at you, perhaps they do have the desired effect. Didnt make me buy anything however. Apart from the cool little black plastic pumpkin with orange fangs. Hmm…

Today was a “Halloween Festival”, but most people were scared off by the rain.

Check out these two – running like the Zombie Pandas of Doom were after them.

Zombie Pandas of Doom. Heh.

Why of course this painting is for sale. Step right this way, my new friend.

Quite a few people were dressed up in Halloween costume, but I wasnt scared.

No. Wait. Yes I was.

Some of the neighbours have dressed up their houses. I like the fact that this place looks like a prison, but theyve put Halloween stuff there to make it scary.

These homeys just showin’ off ‘cos they got a lawn…

If you are tempted to say “Wonder if this keeps the bills away”, please punch yourself.

I asked Ponta to look scary, but I think she was lacking motivation.

Had to.


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