Tokyo Kawa Baatteeruu!!!!

Ever wondered what the inspiration was for pitting Godzilla against other monsters such as Mothra and Rodan? No?

Well anyway, we werent thinking about Godzilla, or even Mothra, when we took some bread to the river to feed the Koi carp. Nor were we planning to initiate a Battle of the Species. Japan. Badder than Dennis Rodman. And looks much better in a frock.

This photo is a bit crap, but it’s a good intro as to how the fush go a bit bonkers when you introduce some bread.

Then we spotted the turtle, so threw some bread to give the wee feller a chance. A fair suck of the flamin’ saveloy as it were. Man – if Alf Stewart had been there, it would have been just perfect. Instead we had to introduce another local to the mix…

Koi versus Turtle versus Pidgeon Suuuuper Baaateeruuuu!!!!! This is the last time you’ll see our little turtle buddy before the Koi went feral, shall we say.

Poor Takumi Turtle falls to a seething mass of Bread Raging Koi! Is this evolution evolving (ahem) ‘afore our eyes?! Take that creationists!

As if we needed proof that pidgeons are stupid. This doofus seemed to think that just because he was able to breathe oxygen he could snatch the bready goodness away from the waterbound Koi…

Not Even! Nothing stops a Koi on a White Death Bread Bender! Water? Pah! Thats for trout & mullet. & stuff.

The pidgeon even decided to bring his “boys” down. Too late buddy.

Yeah thats right. You walk away.

We did see the turtle later, further upstream, looking a little confused.


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