Thank you. Please come again.


Actually, this has nothing to do with Apu really. I just havent seen an episode of The Simpsons in the 6 weeks Ive been in Japan. Which cant be healthy.

What I was wanting to to show was an example of Japanese car park attendants. Pretty much every customer car park belonging to a larger business or local government has car park attendants to keep carnage to a minimum. Due to the narrow roads, it can be necessary to stop traffic to allow cars to enter or exit parks. And because motorists arent legally obliged to stop at pedestrian crossings, the keener businesses will employ efficient citizens with a penchant for blue uniforms and bright red wands to shuttle shoppers toward the tills. Smaller car parks or council funded jobs usually only have one keeper of order, quite often from the greyer end of the career spectrum. Because they are a bit older, these chaps generally dont understand english, so they can be entertaining to have a conversation with. These photos are from outside our local mall.

Walk toward my brightly coloured wand! Can you do any less? This is no place for loafers!

Silly Lady. Im not taking your photo. You Silly Lady. Check out the complex arrangement going on in the background. Thats what a donut free diet does for you. Yes Jeff, to do this you would have to make some sacrifices. Although you might be able to wear a blue gimp suit. Now that’d be something…

This dude is an artist. Im sure this is a calling rather than just a job.

I wasnt sure if it was illegal to photograph a bowing car park jockey, so I was in stealth mode – wearing black and drinking a coffee. It was a lot of effort, but Im dedicated…


3 Responses to “Thank you. Please come again.”

  1. Can you get me one of those traffic lightsabers? Sabre, saber?
    Just run past at high speed and grab it, he won’t even notice…

  2. musashi999 Says:

    Now that Im post-pre obese I probably could… If I make loud shrieking noises, he will probably be so confused he’ll forget to bow. It’d be a scandal!

  3. You’d be arrested and beaten to death in a back alley for making too much noise! Oh wait, that’s not Japan, that’s the Olympics.

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