Somebody Hara’d me Juku!

The Saturday before last we caught the train into central Tokyo to visit Shinjuku, Harajuku and Shibuya. The middle of the hottest Tokyo summer for years may not be the best time for the central city, but that didnt seem to stop too many.  We may save the return trip until it gets a little cooler, then again, it is pretty cool…

Thsi is Shinjuku Station. As I took this photo a boozed old geezer was yabbering away at me. He must have started pretty early…

Here’s Harajuku. Even my Freshie Gaijin enthusiasm couldnt tempt me to battle that crowd. At this stage it was 34c.

Yep – that baldie gaijin IS taking your photo.

Those awful bloody coloured sandal things are all over the place here as well.

My manus camera skills missed most of the crazy outfits, but next time we will return on a Sunday – that’s the Photo Opportunity time…

Im quite fond of Vans. So I liked this store rather a lot…

I had to have the Iron Maiden hightops. Im going back for the lows…

If I hadnt taken a photo of this dude with his Rock & Roll helmet, I would have been ashamed of myself.

Occasionally I have a “Woohoo – Im in Japan!” moment. This was one…

Cars in Japan arent required to give way to pedestrians at crossings. Didnt take me long to find that out.

Im sure those grapes are worth $30nz a bunch.

This is what Wasabi looks like before it is cruelly beaten into the familiar green paste. We have been eating a less processed version that looks a bit like Tartare Sauce, but is a lot more grunty than the green paste stuff. I dont think that I have sinuses any more..


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