Bikers of the Orient…

Heaps of people ride bikes here in Japan. Obviously traffic congestion and the hot damn public transport system contribute to this, but the government have also made it very safe to ride pretty much anywhere. Bikes and pedestrians share the footpaths and everybody accepts that if they walk anywhere, someone on a bike will at some stage need to get past them, so it all works quite nicely. There is also an extensive network of walking and cycle paths (which serve as access roads for emergency services in the high density residential areas) away from the roads, so gettin’ on yer bike is often the best option for moving about. I found a SE OM Flyer for 60000 yen in a local bike shop recently. So then did some checking & could get a Floval Flyer for a similar price… If I did that I could race in the old man class… Is Japan’s BMX community ready for this? Japan does have a very efficient A&E system. & I do have full medical cover…

Here is the bikepark at our local train station. Im sure it is easy to find your bike at the end of the day…


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