These are the photos of my neighbourhood…

Im not sure how to add Sesame Street music to this.

But you could hum it.


Fine. Be like that.


Here is the Citroen 4CV coffee van outside our local Carrefour supermarket. They seem keen on the French ’round these parts (I said parts!) for some reason. I asked the coffee vendor (who we tend to visit every day – the iced coffee rules) “What about the Rainbow Warrior?”, but he pretended not to understand my crazytalk…

After your coffee you tend to pat whatever dog happens to be chained up outside the supermarket. Especially if you are an elderley Japanese man. But Im not Japanese. So there.

There’s an “Outlet Mall” opposite the Carrefour called Grand Berry. Which is where that crazy petshop with the dog outfits is. I hadnt noticed the name of the place initially. That explains a few things…

This place is so French it gives me the crepes…

I even found some Pigs of Darkness! At (as you would expect) a French themed homewares store. Not sure who those whiteys think they are…

This is Route 16. There are more than 16 however. This is the road people take when the just want to drive right on through Machida without even stopping to say Konnichiwa. The traffic is 24/7 here…

…and if I was to turn around on the bridge I was standing on, I could show you the local Ferrari shop. Blimey!

This is in the centre of Machida city. I think this building needs some more signs…

This is still in Machida. Weather looks nice doesnt it?

Vending machine? In Japan? Not far from here I spotted my first Yakuza minion. Spicey!

Here’s that blue gimp suit that Jeff was after…

Here’s a cheezy sunset shot. This is opposite our house. The crazy old bat who lives there has a very nice looking traditional garden, but she does sweep the road outside her place (being one lane, as is the norm for a residential street here – it is pretty close to us) at 5am sharp every day. With a noisy straw broom. Banzai!

Walking around here I keep hearing Caw Caw! Gives me nasty flashbacks…


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