Still an Alien, but cant prove it yet…

Sadly I must wait 3 weeks until I get my Alien card. Thats not too bad – some people still stare as if I were an alien, so Im happy with that.

Speaking of alien, it seems that Japan has American levels of dog craziness. But smaller and more efficient. We had a look at the pet shop at the local mall & the amount of daft dog accessories boggle the mind. Even of an alien. And Im used to having my mind boggled by Japanese TV.

If your dog is really fat (but not too big to fit) or has no legs, fear not. You can still embarrass him/her in front of other dogs, but carting him/her about in this totally neccessary accroutement of pet ownership…

As we all know, dogs feel inadequite if they dont have a full wardrobe of outfits.

Is Towser a frilly little Miss?

Or a boardwalk roaming `Skull Comic`?

It took a while, but we managed to track down Fido`s wheeled prison. I think this fellow was in here to protect him from society. As soon as the camera came out, he went mental. Arigato gozai masu Inu San!

I thought Id finish with this fine fellow. He was chillin` at a cafe next to an outdoor goods store. As you would expect.


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